Session Zero & Campaign Information

This page is intended as an overview of information, expectation, homebrew, etc. for sessions that I run.

  1. The Agreement

    Have fun and be chill, in short

  2. Commitment & Scheduling

    Basically 1% of your time (assuming 1 × 4-hour session every 2 weeks)

  3. Character & Story Background

    Important information to help you create a great character for this campaign.

  4. Homebrew
    • Character Creation

      Sourcebooks, Races & Sub-Races, Classes & Sub-Classes, Complete Character Change, Optional Class Change, Ability Scores, Hitpoints, No Secret Characters

    • Combat

      Shared Initiative and Order, Bloodied, Sprinting, Flanking

    • Roleplaying

      Session and Player Notes, Inspiration Tokens, Passives, Milestone XP, Intelligence Points, Encumbrance, Secret Death Saves, Taking 20 is Out, Skills between Players

    • 3rd-Party Content

      YEET, Firearms

The Agreement

We're all coming together as friends to weave a fun and rich story that's more than you could ever get from a book, TV show, movie, or video game, because when we look back on the adventures that we had together, it's never about what our characters did, it's about what we did. So let's make sure we're maximising enjoyment from this hobby of ours.

That means speaking up when you're uncomfortable or upset in a clear and rational way, and not waiting until the things you don't like about our story begin to outweigh the things you do like.

But it also means finding ways to make our characters' stories incredible ones by lifting each other up, and working together as a team, not just during combat or during intense roleplay interactions, but out-of-game as well, and making sure we're all committed to bringing our best to the table, and leading with empathy when a friend is struggling.

Probably goes without saying, though, cause I have no doubt we'll have no problems anyway!

Let me know whenever something happens that you don't like, and likewise, let me know when something happens that you really like! I'll do everything I can to minimise or remove what's bad, and everything I can to maximise the good!

give ya boi a virtual fist-bump to sign this agreement

Commitment & Scheduling

I think it goes without saying that we all want our group and our campaigns to be a success, and part of that means making a commitment to consistent games and giving as much effort as we can give. So it's important that when we begin a new campaign that we're all aware and open about how much time we're able to dedicate to scheduling and playing.

I'll do my best to keep everyone on pace by making a regular and predictable schedule. All that's required on your end is to pick dates that work for you, really and truly work. That may mean making sure we're all available once every two weeks for several consecutive months; however, none of us expects us all to have a concrete schedule that far ahead, so we'll aim for the best and play it by ear. It's 1000% fine if you can't make it sometimes, so long as it's not most of the time. We all want you at the table, so we'll work around to find what works!

And to help you remember when sessions have been scheduled, I'll also do my best to keep this calendar feed up-to-date with finalised session dates. Please drag it into your calendar/subscribe/whatever if it helps you.

Character & Story Background

This campaign will take you on a sprawling adventure across a vast and rich world where you'll have the opportunity to really shine, no matter what kind of character you'd like to create. As such, you're highly encouraged to think about your character's traits, ideals, bonds, flaws, etc. and how you'd like your character to develop over the course of the story.

What are they looking for from life? What are they running from? What do they want the world to look like when they've passed on? What's for lunch tonight?

I can work with any ideas that you have to weave them into the story however you feel best suits the story you'd like tell.

The story begins on a small island in a tropical archipelago, in a small port-town called Voltimari. Seeing all sorts of explorers, traders, and passengers from the busy trade routes in nearby waters, Voltimari has a relatively easy-going lifestyle for its residents, with a rich melting-pot of cultures blending together to create a harmonious place to live. Despite this, it is a relatively new world that the world’s people find themselves in—historical records only going back 200 years, and artifacts from before that time being severely damaged and undecipherable. What’s more, it is a world without Gods or Magic, so devoid that no one even knows that they exist at all…

Don’t worry, sOMethINg HAPpEnS early on in the campaign—ideally, shortly after Session 1 or 2—which will make the Gods and Magic available to your characters, so play what you wish! You can completely reroll your character after Session 1, and change class when you hit Level 2. (Classes & Races)

Think about how you want your character to have some tie to the town of Voltimari.

Are you a resident? Has your family always lived here or did you decide to move here yourself at some point? Maybe you’re a mercenary-for-hire who enjoys staying on the island to unwind between jobs and restock at the market?

Here are a few characters you would know if you lived there, or could know as a frequent visitor of Voltimari:


Female Elf

Master spearfisher; always calm and focussed

Captain Vallas

Female Halfling

Ship Master of Voltimari, Captain of The Crimson Arrow, and 3rd in a generation of ship captains; adventure-seeking child of the sea


Male Gnome

Proprietor of Gyleon’s Carvings, selling carved knick-knacks and wooden shields, rather lazy but good-natured


Male Dwarf

Owner and Barman of The Wise Lodge tavern; jolly and forgetful


Female Dwarf

Travelling archeologist who calls Voltimari her infrequent home, messy brown hair and soft green eyes


Male Human

Midtown merchant selling peculiar and old trinkets, looking mostly like detritus of the sea, but is wise despite it, and compeletely bald


Male Human

Trades Master of Voltimari, a bit sleazy and lacking in self-awareness, has one green and one blue eye


These Homebrew Rules are all intended to help the session run more smoothly, balance mechanics better, and to inject some fun and tension into our gameplay.

Character Creation



3rd-Party Content

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