Session Zero

This page is intended as an overview of information, expectation, homebrew, etc. for games that I run.

  1. The Agreement

    Basically, have fun and chill

  2. Scheduling

    1% of your time, like, all of it

  3. Homebrew
    • Character Creation

      Sourcebooks, Races & Sub-Races, Classes & Sub-Classes, Complete Character Change, Optional Class Change, Racial Feats, Hitpoints, Backgrounds, Secrets

    • Combat

      Bloodied, Sprint, Flanking

    • Roleplaying

      Taking Notes, Inspiration, Passives, Milestone XP, Encumbrance, Death Saves, Taking 20, Skills between Players

The Agreement

We're all coming together as friends to weave a fun and rich story that's more than you could ever get from a book, TV show, movie, or video game, because when we look back on the adventures that we had together, it's never about what our characters did, it's about what we did. So let's make sure we're maximising enjoyment from this hobby of ours.

That means speaking up when you're uncomfortable or upset in a clear and rational way, and not waiting until the things you don't like about our games begin to outweigh the things you do like.

But it also means finding ways to make our characters' stories incredible ones by lifting each other up, and working together as a team, not just during combat or during intense roleplay interactions, but out-of-game as well, and making sure we're all committed to bringing our best to the table, and leading with empathy when a friend is struggling.

Probably goes without saying, though, cause I have no doubt we'll have no problems anyway!

Let me know whenever something happens that you don't like, and likewise, let me know when something happens that you really like! I'll do everything I can to minimise or remove what's bad, and everything I can to maximise the good!

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I'll do my best to keep everyone on pace by making a semi-regular and predictable schedule. All that's required on your end is to pick dates that work for you—really and truly work. It's 1000% fine if you can't make any of the dates, we want you at the table, so we'll work around to find what works!

And to help you remember when games have been scheduled, I'll also do my best to keep this calendar feed up-to-date with finalised session dates. Please drag it into your calendar/subscribe/whatever if it helps you.


These Homebrew Rules are all intended to help the game run more smoothly, balance mechanics better, and to inject some fun and tension into our gameplay.

Character Creation



The Xanathar sends his regards! Squaaawk!

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