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Fëonir’s Workshop is my personal Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition resource website, hosting everything between small ideas and full campaigns.

Come Hell or Highwater


Great torrents of frigid water crash over the gunwales like cannon blasts, as figures scramble left-and-right, heaving and pulling against a seemingly-unsurpassable force, silhouetted against the dark, grey clouds above, illuminated only by the faint, cerulean sky. The cold, bitter wind tears at the sails and drowns out the tormented cries of the sailors on the ship's deck.

Rumbling thunder shakes the masts in the very core of the ship itself, and it seems to shudder under the weight, as wave after wave come crashing down upon the wretched souls, whose fates, like the ropes that have calloused and ripped their hands, are bound to this ill-omened vessel.

Moment by moment, the ship creaks and groans, harkening the coming doom for itself and its passengers, yet the figures aboard remain steadfast, rising to meet the towering fury of the storm about them. Slowly, the deck below their feet pivots as the ship begins to gain more and more control over each swell that pounds the hull.

As lightning tears through the sky around them, suddenly, the wind dies and serenity descends upon the ship. The air turns thick with humidity and fog as the ship sighs happily below them, settling itself back into place. As the sailors begin to get their bearings, they realise that the storm that ravaged their ship and its crew is nowhere to be seen or heard—in fact, besides the quiet lapping of trifling waves and the creaking ship below them, there's nothing else to be seen or heard, save for the gloom and fog, stretching out around them and their ship like a ghostly sheet and a whisper on the air…